Day 1

Day 1 offers a deep dive into the essentials of Conversational AI, exploring the latest technologies and their impact. Sessions will cover key advancements, design strategies, and ethical aspects, ideal for understanding the current landscape and future directions of AI.

Registrations (Day 1)


Opening Remarks

  • Setting the stage with an overview of the current landscape of Conversational AI.

Track 1: Foundations and Advancements in Conversational AI


Evolution of Conversation AI

  • Advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP).
  • From Rules to Machine Learning.
  • Integration of Multimodal Inputs.
  • Personalization and Context Awareness.
Lohit Yogi CAIS2024 Speaker
Lohit Yogi

Deploying large models on the edge : Success Stories & Challenges

  • In this talk, Dr. Vinesh Sukumar will be talking about how Qualcomm has been successful in deploying large generative AI models for consumer and enterprise markets on the edge mapped to various use cases. At the same time, there are several system challenges that needs to be addressed before going to full scale commercial deployment. He will talk through some of them and share on how the ecosystem in migrating towards solving these challenges while at the same time moving towards multi-modality large model deployment
Dr. Vinesh Sukumar CAIS2024 Speaker
Dr. Vinesh Sukumar

The Role of Data Governance in the New World of Enterprise AI

Stuart Sim CAIS2024 Speaker
Stuart Sim
bain & Company

Coffee Break and Networking


Metrics that Matter: Evaluating AI Effectiveness

  • Key performance indicators for Conversational AI.
  • Measuring user engagement and AI efficiency.
  • Role of data analytics in improving AI systems.

Track 2: Conversational Design and User Experience


Hello AI World: Understanding AI, language and where the user fits into this new system

  • Human – AI interactions.
  • User expectations when conversing with a bot.
  • Pushing the boundaries and expanding AI capabilities.
Michael Barnes CAIS2024 Speaker
Michael Barnes

The Future of UX/UI in Conversational AI

  • Emerging trends and best practices in designing conversational user interfaces.
  • Techniques to create engaging and intuitive conversational flows.
  • The future of UX design in the era of AI and machine learning.

Networking Lunch


Voice AI: Revolutionizing Customer Interaction

  • Exploring advancements in voice recognition technology and applications.
  • Voice AI in automating and enhancing customer experience.
  • Future trends in voice-enabled Conversational AI.

Integrating Senses: Advancing Multimodal Conversational AI

  • Integrating visual, auditory, and sensory elements into Conversational AI.
  • Multimodal systems enhancing user experience.
  • Future prospects of multimodal AI interactions.

Scaling customer service conversations across your enterprise.

  • Approaches to developing scalable AI solutions at your company.
  • Case studies on scalable deployments in the hospitality industry.
  • Challenges and solutions in AI scalability.
David Ip CAIS2024 Speaker
David Ip
MGM Resorts International

Coffee Break and Networking

Track 3: Emerging Technologies and Innovation in Conversational AI


Conversational AI + Gen AI Combo Unlocks the sweet spot of Superior Customer Satisfaction.

  • The spectrum of AI is continuously expanding; rather than jumping into emerging technology integrations hastily, it is imperative for leaders to consider the ways it will be used to enhance the customer experience. Whether it’ll be utilized on the back end for digital transformation, or will be employed as the experience itself, AI has the capabilities to help expand the bounds of human creativity if effectively implemented.
Bala Maddali CAIS2024 Speaker
Bala Maddali

Building Trust and Transparency in Conversational Technologies

  • The imperative of ethics and responsible practices in AI
  • Trust-building strategies in AI deployments.
  • Fostering consumer confidence through transparent AI practices.

Day 1 – Closing Remarks

Cocktail Reception


Day 2

Day 2 focuses on applying AI in various industries, highlighting its role in enhancing customer experience and operational efficiency. The day concludes with insights into ethical AI usage and future trends, equipping attendees with knowledge for strategic planning.

Registrations (Day 2)


Opening Remarks

  • Setting the stage for Day 2 of the summit.

Track 4: Industry-Specific Applications of Conversational AI


AI-Driven Financial Services: The Future of Conversational Banking

  • Revolutionizing customer interactions and operations in banking through Conversational AI.
  • Case studies of conversational banking implementations.
  • Future trends in AI for the finance industry.
Pratik Gautam CAIS2024 Speaker
Pratik Gautam

AI in Healthcare: Enhancing Patient Care with Conversational Technologies

  • AI’s role in patient engagement and healthcare administration.
  • Privacy and ethical considerations in healthcare AI.
  • Case studies of AI-driven innovations in patient care.

Generative AI applications within Industrial Processes

Juergen Weichenberger CAIS2024 Speaker
Jürgen Weichenberger
Schneider Electric

Coffee Break and Networking


Automotive AI: Driving Customer Experience and Operational Efficiency

  • Innovations in conversational AI for the automotive industry.
  • Enhancing user interaction and connectivity through AI.
  • Visionary outlook: The future role of AI in autonomous vehicles.

Revolutionizing Customer Service: Conversational AI in Retail

  • How AI is transforming customer interactions in the retail sector.
  • Case studies of successful AI implementations in retail.
  • Future trends and innovations in retail AI.

Track 5: Business and Strategy in Conversational AI


The AI Edge in Marketing: Personalization to Prediction

  • Exploring the transformative impact of AI in marketing strategies.
  • From personalized customer experiences to predictive analytics in market trends.
  • Case studies of successful AI-driven marketing campaigns.

Networking Lunch


Harnessing AI for Operational Excellence: Beyond Customer Interaction

  • Delving into AI applications for optimizing business operations and processes.
  • Case studies of operational transformation driven by AI.
  • Future perspectives on AI’s role in operational efficiency and automation.

AI and Global Markets: Navigating Cross-Cultural Challenges and Opportunities

  • Exploring how AI is shaping global business strategies and market opportunities.
  • Discussing the challenges and solutions in deploying AI across diverse cultural landscapes.
  • Analyzing case studies of international AI implementations and their impact.

Track 6: Ethical Implications and Future Horizons in Conversational AI


Building Ethical AI: Principles, Practices, and Policies

  • Importance of ethics in AI development.
  • Frameworks and best practices for ethical AI development and deployment.
  • The role of global governance in shaping responsible AI use.

Coffee Break and Networking


Visionary Leadership in the AI Era: Steering Businesses Towards Tomorrow

  • A dialogue on the role of leadership in navigating the AI revolution.
  • Strategies for leaders to foster innovation and adaptability in the face of AI advancements.
  • Perspectives on how AI is reshaping business strategies and leadership models.

Day 2 – Closing Remarks

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